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Senate Climate Bill Would Modernize Massachusetts' Best Recycling Program

The Climate Bill would not only increase the Bottle Bill deposit fee, but would also expand the program to include new types of beverages.
Environmental Activists Converge in D.C. to Demand Action on Plastic Pollution

As countries around the world – including the United States – continue to debate the details of a global plastics treaty, environmentalists across the country converged in Washington D.C. to lobby federal legislators on the need to pass legislation addressing plastic pol...
Colorado Governor Vetoes Bill Limiting Waste Incineration and So-Called “Chemical Recycling”

The veto allows trash burning facilities and a new wave of plastic-to-fuel projects to remain eligible for state funding and keeps them as part of the state’s clean energy and climate programs. 
Maine Legislature Fumbles Opportunity to Address Food Waste

The bill would have required large food waste generators to donate excess edible food and recycle all other food scraps, rather than the landfilling it – addressing both food waste and food insecurity in the state. ​
Maine Enacts New Law Restricting So-Called "Advanced Recycling" Facilities

The legislation is a response to a national lobbying effort by the plastic industry to greenwash expensive and polluting processes that convert plastic into toxic fuel and chemicals.
Industry-Backed Report Spreads Misinformation on New Jersey Bag Ban

A plastic lobbying group paid for a report on New Jersey’s single-use plastic bag law. But its “findings” are based solely on interviews with industry constituents who are pro plastic.
U.S. Gets Serious About Composting But Plans Lack Critical Protections

Three federal agencies are working together to help reduce food waste and increase composting. But their plans don't include key environmental and public health protections.
Vermont Senate Fails to Override Governor’s Veto of Bottle Bill Expansion

Despite being one of the oldest and most successful recycling programs in the state, Vermont's Bottle Bill hasn’t been modernized in over fifty years
EPA Set to Endorse Plastic Industry's Latest Greenwashing Scam

Proposed artificial credit scheme could allow companies to claim fictionally high recycled content levels.
EPA Fails to Regulate Largest Single Source of PFAS and Microplastic Pollution in Massachusetts
Enviros, scientists, health advocates, and farmers across U.S. call for action on PFAS and microplastics in wastewater treatment plants.

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